Ready to sit for a bit?

Coffee or tea?

What would you like to chat about?

Have you ever wanted to sit for a bit with someone just to learn more? I certainly have.

That's why I'm introducing my Tea Time appointment.

I have enjoyed "picking brains" over the years. There has always been something about just sitting for a bit with someone who had knowledge I wanted. Yes, I have used Google to find articles and videos on topics, but for me nothing compares to a back and forth personal interaction. That's why I decided to offer "Coffee/Tea Time With Kassie". Depending on the time of day, it's either coffee or tea for me. How about you? And why don't you think about sharing our time with a few friends. Invite them, they're welcome to join us. We can meet in person, virtual or via phone. Tea, coffee and conversation any which way is always a good thing. As for our conversation, here are some of the topics I love to talk about:

•The Forgotten Divine Feminine
•Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy Within Us
•Reclaiming Our Intuitive Self
•The Part of "Special" We Chose to Experience
•Our Emotions-Our Super Powers
•How to Connect With Our Next Best Version
•How to Create Sacred Space
•Healing Reiki Energy
•The Power of Intention
•The New and Full Moon
•The Gift of Stillness
•Nature Based Spirituality
•How to Manifest

20 Minute Tea Time with Kassie

$30 per session

*Contact if Venmo is your payment preference.

In Person Appointments are offered at:

Lotus Wellness Studio
454 Broadway
Troy, NY 12180


Please contact me to discuss other meeting locations.

Virtual Appointments are offered through:

  • Zoom
  • Phone

  • Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request your appointment.

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