About Kassie

Kassie Alnwick, CSC, CLC
The Wicked Warrior

Hi, I'm Kassie Alnwick and welcome to my page. I am an Inspirational Speaker. Also a Certified Spiritual & Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, Reiki Master, Author, and International Athlete. I am no stranger to life's challenges- breakdowns, depleted bank accounts, abusive relationships and reacting to life. Choosing to own and see these challenges from a different vantage point is what set me free. My freedom has given me opportunities for breakthroughs, abundant funds, loving relationships and the beauty of co-creating my life with my Higher Power.

I love a kick-ass deadlift session, a clutter-free life, a good laugh, superhero movies, and sinfully delicious chocolate. As a empowerment speaker and workshop leader, I offer a unique combination of personal training for physical health, life coaching for everyday fulfillment, and spiritual mentoring toward connection with our ultimate life force energy. My book Borrow My Tribe reflects this multi-dimensional approach to shifting from where you are to where you want to be – and trusting the universe has your back. I've been told, my gift is guiding people through their own process of discovery, which usually includes interpreting their own life's uncomfortable situations as part of the solution they seek. I live in New York with my family which also includes Piper, a fluffy tabby cat and Max, a loving and handsome Great Dane.