Kassie Alnwick is everyone’s champion. Whether she’s speaking to one person or an audience of 1,000+, you end up feeling like you’re having an intimate conversation with your fairy godmother, who happens to resemble Miss Universe and is as grounded as a mountain.
Kassie designs each unique presentation to inspire, challenge and motivate. Life always presents challenges, and how we interpret those challenges sets us up for the result we create. Kassie’s approach to story telling and inquiry – leavened with humor – empowers us to widen our perspective and reframe any perceived obstacle. And to have fun with our lives. Every obstacle holds a seed for opportunity and the growth required to develop our personal greatness.

Kassie is available to travel to events throughout the US and abroad, including:

  • Women’s Empowerment Events
  • Network Marketing Events
  • Domestic Violence Support Organizations
  • Corporate Events

Available For:

Inspirational Speaking, Workshops, Personal Coaching, Trade Shows & Events