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Intention Roulette

Intention Roulette

June 30, 2021 starting at 6:30 pm

Modern Druid is pleased to offer a very special workshop with Kassie Alnwick, author of Borrow My Tribe for an evening of Intention Roulette!

Kassie will take us through her book of intentions, intuitively selecting the ones that will resonate best for each of you.

Morgana will pair those intentions with Modern Druid's Ogham intention oils and through discussion, laughter and healing scent and symbolism, we will enjoy a spirit-guide workshop of Intention Roulette!

What messages will come through for you? Join us and find out...

$45 per person, includes a copy of Borrow My Tribe ($20) and an Ogham Intentional Oil ($18)

Order via Eventbrite (there is a fee) below or email us at to reserve your place. Only 12 spots are available! RSVP today