Are you looking for clarity?

What insights are you looking to gain about bringing a desire to fruition?

Are you looking to tap into your inner wisdom?

I have personally been using oracle cards as a way to gain inner wisdom since first being introduced to them "so many moons ago". As in the past, the cards I pull shine a spotlight on aspects of my life that require my attention. This attention provides me with an opportunity to pause, deep dive into my feelings and make decisions from a position of love rather than fear. This practice continues to strengthen my personal intuition and trust in the knowing that the Universe always has my back. I decided to add oracle readings to my services because my clients expressed an interest, as well as, wanted to get in on the fun.

Oracle Reading Options

$30 per Reading

*Oracle readings will be provided via email.

7 Card Chakra Reading

One card is chosen for each of your 7 chakras using my Viking Rune deck.

5 Card Moon Lodge Reading

One card is chosen for each direction, along with a central card using my Animal Medicine deck.

5 Card Mix Reading

One card chosen from a variety of my decks.

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