What insights are you looking to gain about new opportunities and experiences?

Are you looking to tap into your inner wisdom?

What insights are you looking to gain about bringing a desire to fruition?

I have personally been using oracle cards as a way to gain inner wisdom since first being introduced to them "so many moons ago". As in the past, the cards I pull shine a spotlight on aspects of my life that require my attention. This attention provides me with an opportunity to pause, deep dive into my feelings and make decisions from a position of love rather than fear. This practice continues to strengthen my personal intuition and trust in the knowing that the Universe always has my back. I decided to add new and full moon readings to my services because my clients expressed an interest, as well as, wanted to get in on the fun.

Why do I pull cards on the new and full moon? It's simply because the moon has always held a special meaning for me- no matter what phase it's in, it's ALWAYS perfect, beautiful, and powerful. One simply needs to look to the night sky to see the moon's beauty. As for it's power, the moon's gravitational pull is so powerful it affects the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, as well as many other things. Specifically speaking, new moon energy provides a powerful time for new beginnings- projects, job opportunities, health and wellness plans, relationships, even planting. While the full moon provides an extra boost of energy towards bringing plans to fruition. Both phases also allow for us to take a closer look at what needs to go in order to make room for the new.

What Oracle decks do I use? I use 4 different Oracle decks to give you the most well rounded reading. Chakra Oracle Deck to identify the energy center in need of your attention, The Rune Deck to provide you with where you are on your journey, The Divine Feminine Oracle Deck to provide you with a touch of feminine wisdom, and lastly The Earth Warrior Oracle Deck to give you a sense of the power you possess to unleash on your life and the greater good of the world.

To receive a reading, simply BUY the number of readings you would like to receive. Then use the contact form below to specify the date/dates you wish to receive a reading. You will receive an email from me confirming your payment was received. Your cards will then be pulled on the date/dates you specified and I will email you your reading which will include card images. Simple & fun!

Moon Reading

$25 per Reading

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