New Moon Ritual

"Kassie has always been a light in my life. From the moment I spoke with her, I felt like the universe had put her in my life for a reason. With her guidance paired with the new moon's energy, I was able to connect with myself to literally feel what I need in order to keep growing into my best next self. Truly a magical experience and I feel more connected to the universe and myself."

- Valarie Wilson

New Moon Ritual

Saturday, March 13th at 8:30PM EST

Why join my New Moon Ritual?

In order for me to answer, I ask that you be open to the idea and existence of masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energy is very protective, it's action-oriented and it's giving. Feminine energy is loving, very creative, and receptive. We are fully capable of housing both energies within our being. When beautifully balanced, honoring our ebb and flow / yin and yang, we are more at peace, open to spiritual guidance and can stand in our power. Speaking on a purely energetic level, most can identify with moving through their lives using a higher percentage of masculine energy (whether male or female in gender). When this masculine energy is left unchecked and out of balance- unfulfillment, over-exhaustion and an inability to receive can result.

The moon is associated with feminine energy. Its gravitational force is so powerful it dictates the flow of ocean water and if we are open to recognizing, our menstrual cycle energy as well (even when you are past menstruation).While all phases of the moon hold their unique power, I personally love using the new moon phase to take time out of my busy family/work life to focus on what feeds my soul. It's a time for me to remember my dreams, my goals and my purpose while honoring my feminine energy.My New Moon Ritual focuses on new beginnings and renewal. Light some candles, burn some sage, create a sacred space, call in guides to support us and our powerful intentions- all of it! If enjoying some "you time" in this fashion resonates with you, simply click below to join this month's New Moon Ritual.

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