New Moon Ritual

"Kassie has always been a light in my life. From the moment I spoke with her, I felt like the universe had put her in my life for a reason. With her guidance paired with the new moon's energy, I was able to connect with myself to literally feel what I need in order to keep growing into my best next self. Truly a magical experience and I feel more connected to the universe and myself."

- Valarie Wilson

New Moon Ritual

Monday, December 14th at 8:30PM EST

As each new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it also symbolizes new beginnings for those gazing upon the dark night sky.
This Moon ritual creates a sacred space for you to go within and find clarity of mind, faith of spirit and cleanliness of the body and soul.
During the ritual we get to know how to tap into our deepest individual powers and invoke that power to work for us instead of falling for distraction and resistance on the go.
First we create the sacred space within and around us with a guided meditation and by scripting we express our powerful intentions that will be set to hold the key to our future dreams and goals. At the end we conclude our processes, supporting the manifestation with powerful energy healing.
The purpose of this online event is to encourage the sophisticated and sensitive connection between the human being and the Divine and to create sacred space and true connection between one another, in addition to restoring the inner and outer balance that we all wish for!
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