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"Borrow My Tribe is a wonderful guide to living a rich and happy life. Filled with inspirational messages, each piece will give you wisdom and a smile at the same time!"


author of The Wealthy Spirit and from Worry to Wealthy

"The other day I was having one of those low moments and I thought to myself what would Kassie say? I picked up my copy of Borrow My Tribe, opened to a page and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. Every woman needs this book!"


Great Barrington, MA

About the Book

About the Book

We are all on a journey, why walk it alone? This book has collectively well over 1,500 years of wisdom from myself and my chosen sisters. It's here to guide you in shedding old beliefs so that you can step into the next best version of yourself.

Borrow My Tribe offers you hope, faith, courage, and strength. You can read this straight through or open to a random page. By playing what I refer to as "Inspirational Roulette", you are trusting what is being given is exactly what you require in that moment.

So here you are, ready to start your next life chapter. Know that the Universe has your back!

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