Spiritual Life Coaching Services

I worked with Kassie on harnessing my spirituality as a resource to meet life's challenges which were particularly intense given COVID19. Kassie held space for me to process a lot of confusion about my life direction and relationship goals. She is deeply kind, present, and perceptive: she will reflect your highest best self back to you, even when you can't see it for yourself. What I loved most about working with Kassie is that she walks her talk in life. She lives her life out loud, is 100% authentic and really goes for it in life. I look for that type of integrity when hiring a coach. If you have an opportunity to hire Kassie as your coach, go for it! It will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. I have worked with some of the world's top coaches, even the president of the ICF at one time, and I can say Kassie is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with.

Samantha Sinclair, CA

Best Gift to Myself

Working with Kassie has helped me get clarity on a situation that affected me deeply. For a few years I thought I had forgiven myself and all parties involved. It was evident I had not forgiven as it kept surfacing and was keeping me stuck. It was not until I began working with Kassie that I was able to get clarity on the issue, forgive and release. I can honestly say I feel lighter and happier. I am now moving forward toward the Next Best Version of Myself.

Kassie is an extraordinary spiritual coach! She is professional, a great listener, passionate about helping others and truly a spiritual being. I am grateful for the progress I have made working with Kassie. I highly recommend others giving themselves the gift of working with Kassie!


Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

If you are ready to give birth to your next best version and your new life story filled with love, health, respect and personal fulfillment, consider me your own personal doula. As your spiritual life coach, I am here to provide guidance while holding a sacred space for you to go within. Your decision to tune into your own inner wisdom will provide you with the ability to fine tune your life and feed your soul, while reminding you how powerful you truly are.

Time to breathe, ground, as well as calling in spiritual support is what begins our sessions. Your clear intention and my powerful questions are used as the invitation for your inner wisdom to reveal itself. If need be, I've collected a vast number of tools and techniques to support you in finding your own solutions. Recognize, Rinse and Release will be one of your favorite techniques - I promise. By the end of our session, you will feel confident to make a decision of what action steps you need to take next. If my approach resonates with you, reach out to begin a conversation.

Our first conversation (45-minute clarity call) & my personal guided meditation are gifts from me to you.

45 Minute Clarity Call - Complimentary

90 Minute Discovery Session - $175.00

60 Minute Session - $150.00

30 Minute Session - $75.00

Package Options

Four 60 Minute Sessions - $500.00
*Includes a complimentary Reiki Energy Session

Eight 60 Minute Sessions - $1000.00
*Includes 3 complimentary Reiki Energy Sessions

Twelve 60 Minute Sessions - $1500.00
*Includes 5 complimentary Reiki Energy Sessions