Trying to reach a goal,
but you've found yourself not able to make progress?

Trying to create a different story for your life,
but you feel like your stuck in the same unwanted chapter?

Trying to bring spirituality into your daily life,
but are unsure where to begin or even what that might look like for you?

My spiritual life coaching addresses these common situations. Yes, common. If you find yourself answering yes to some or all, you are part of the majority. At some point in everyone's life (including my own) it's advantageous to have a guide share the path and light the runway.

Having a deep knowing that all answers can be found within the seeker, I hold a sacred space for my clients as they remember with guidance how to tap into their inner wisdom. Our session will begin with grounding and an Open to Receive exercise. From there our conversation will feel like a dance - sharing, questioning, what's coming up for you, what's coming through for you and how it all resonates with your current situation. I have found clarity leads to strength, which leads to empowerment. With this renewed sense of being, you get to make confident decisions for yourself about your life.

90 Minute Discovery Session

$120 per session

30 Minute Spiritual Life Coaching

$50 per session

60 Minute Spiritual Life Coaching

$80 per session

90 Minute Spiritual Life Coaching

$120 per session

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In Person Appointments are offered at:

Lotus Wellness Studio
454 Broadway
Troy, NY 12180


Please contact me to discuss other meeting locations.

Virtual Appointments are offered through:

  • Zoom
  • Phone

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