Why Now, Why Me?


What is it about this moment that has you seeking more knowledge and desiring change?

What is it about this moment that has you seriously looking for support?

What is it about this moment that has you considering me as your travel guide, teacher and/or conduit for healing in this chapter of your life journey?


Specializing in guiding and teaching empowerment, wellness and self-mastery for more than 25 years.

I have decades of life experience and a countless number of certifications...BUT so do hundreds of thousands of others.

So why me?

Maybe you're attracted to the fact that I was a full scholarship division I athlete. From a very young age I watched as female athletes transitioned from high school to college without any financial hardship. Vision, determination and action afforded these women a free college experience. I can still hear my mother, "If they can do it, so can you." And I did. Wagner College Basketball '86-'90 COMPLETELY FREE.

Maybe you're attracted to the fact that I came back from a severe accident the end of my sophomore year. Preparing for my junior season I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I suffered a serious concussion and required surgery on my left knee. After completing physical therapy, I began a progressive strength training program & clean eating plan in order to remain a scholarship athlete. I not only regained, even surpassing my strength, I finished the '89 season on the All Tournament Team as my team finished first in the NEC Conference and won the NEC Championship.

Maybe you're attracted to the fact that I took my passion for strength training to the extreme by competing in the sport of bodybuilding. I hit the competitive stage in 1991, competed at the state level and continued on through the 90's reaching the national level. Along that journey, I took the heavy weight and overall champion title at the Body Rock Classic and the Jan Tana. Taking time off to grow my business and my family after the 1999 NPC USA Championship, I came back to the sport in 2012. I reemerged as a physique athlete placing in the top 5 at the 2013 Master's Nationals and placing 6th at the 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Amateur (6th out of 22 women half my age,1st from the US). In 2017, I decided to step back on stage to prove "self-sponsorship" was possible. I became a walking demonstration of true empowerment for all athletes, especially female athletes. Instead of taking table scraps from supplement companies, I utilized network marketing as my vehicle to prove athletes could earn income for being who they are- inspiration for those around them. Enjoying my smaller frame, I placed 3rd in the master's 35+ figure category at 48 years of age. I am to date the only NPC athlete to place in the top 5 in 3 different categories over the length of their competitive career.

Maybe you're attracted to the fact that I fell in love with teaching at the age of 6. Blackboard on my bedroom wall, chalk in hand and my stuffed animals ready to learn whatever I had to share. I graduated with a BS in Education from Wagner College, concentrating in special education. I dove into my teaching career after completing post graduated work in speach therapy. While serving as a special education teacher for a number of rewarding years, I taught children with diverse learning profiles K-12.

Later, my bodybuilding pursuits lead me to the doorstep of my next career- personal training. Something I had done on the side for years, but thanks to a bit of soul searching, January 1, 1997 marked the day I shut the door on one life to step forward onto my new life and career path. With my personal training certification and years of experience in my pocket, I was ready. Teaching people how to create a new looking body through a combination of exercise and whole food nutrition has proven enjoyable for both myself and my clients over the decades. However, passing on the invincibility factor- something I experienced within two weeks of strength training back in '89, will have me teaching human strength and conditioning until the day I fall off the planet.

My new life path in '97 also marked my journey into the world of mindset development. Absorbing book after book, as well as utilizing the strategies for my own personal development, I was compelled to bring this knowledge to my clients for the betterment of their health and lives.

Interwoven in all the books on fitness and mindset development was an eclectic mix of material teaching on all things nature and spiritual. Grateful for the knowledge that made it's way into my hands, I once again integrated the material into my life and found myself, even while living as "a dateless wonder"- grounded, loved, empowered, safe, reassured, abundant, healthy and connected to a much larger experience. As more and more clients expressed a desire to learn, I chose to widen my teachings to include this eclectic mix.

Maybe you're attracted to the fact that I see life as a constant restoration and revitalization project- physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual. Choosing to incorporate Reiki and Meridian Tapping Techniques to my toolbox came very naturally. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it's merely transformed. I serve as both conduit and teacher.

Lastly, maybe you're attracted to my super power- aiding people in remembering the super powers they came here with, as well as how to use them.

The process of restoration and revitalization requires traveling into uncharted territory, an anticipated experience which keeps most frozen. You may find it challenging to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Let's have a conversation. Scheduling a time to connect may feel insignificant, however, it's a huge step towards connecting with your next best version. I invite you to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

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